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How to Punish (when necessary)
the Woman You Love.

( Comment punir (lorsque c'est nécessaire) la femme que vous aimez )
1. First and foremost, establish the difference between punishment and playtime. There should be no "wondering" if she's being punished. If she wonders, get tougher, get stricter and spank harder!

2. Establish rules for her to live by. If she does know what is right and wrong to you, the punishments will seem worthless. She will keep "misbehaving" until she is clear on how to BEHAVE!

3. Make her address you with respect. Let her know that yelling and cursing will land her over your knee.

4. Make "corner time" an important part of punishment. Send her to the corner after a spanking to think about why she was punished. Don't let her rub her stinging bottom. Make her stay there for at least five minutes. If your extremely upset, send her to the corner before a spanking so you have time to cool off. The waiting will also make her regret her actions even more.

5. Waiting is important. If you find out of a misdeed and she's not home call her at work and explain to her that you know what she did. Then explain to her, in detail what she will get for it. Example : don't say "I got the credit card bill, you are gonna get it when you get home." Instead say, "I got the credit card bill. I am disappointed at the irresponsibility you've shown. When you get home, I'm going to pull down your panties and spank your bare bottom with the hairbrush. When I'm finished with you, you will think again before acting so foolishly. Do I make myself clear?". Her bottom will feel the heat before you're even off the phone.

6. If she is at home, and your not, call her and say the same thing. Also, add a chore. Example: "I got the credit card bill. I am disappointed at the irresponsibility you've shown. When I get home, the kitchen is to be cleaned and you will be prepared to have your panties pulled down and your bare bottom beaten with the hairbrush. When I'm finished with you, you will think again before acting so foolishly. Do I make myself clear?"

7. If she is being naughty in public, don't be afraid to address the issue at that time. Use your common sense to pick the best option. Never is there a time when it's not appropriate to grasp her arm firmly and whisper to her that she will be punished if her actions continue.

8. If its only people you know around, warn her out loud with out embarrassing her to harshly. Example : at a bar with a group of friends, she is drinking too much. "Not one more drink young lady, or we can go home and discuss your behavior further !" She and your friends will both get the point.

9. While in public, obviously the best option is to put off punishment until you are behind closed doors. However, if after repeated warnings she still continues to disobey, these circumstances cause for more direct action. Don't be afraid to march her out of a store or restaurant for a quick "attitude adjustment". You'd be surprised how ten quick hard swats in a parking lot are just as or even more effective that a thirty-minute bare bottom over the knee session at home.

10. When the time comes for a spanking that she has been working up to, it should be somewhat of a ritual. Make her fetch the hairbrush, paddle or whatever. Make her turn around and pull her panties down. Make her explain why she deserves the spanking. Make her apologize. Make her position herself across your knee. THEN, spank her.

11. When she is receiving one of these types of spankings, which should be the majority of the time, you should spend a sufficient amount of time warming her bottom. Do not spank her a few super hard times. Spank her A LOT of medium to hard spanks. Vary the intensity and frequency so that you cover her entire bottom and upper thigh area. Make sure it goes on for quite some time. Although it is very hard for you to watch the woman you love in pain, it is essential that by the end of this type of spanking that she be in tears. If she is not, you need to go longer, or harder. You will feel bad, but she does not. She will feel loved and well taken care of. Send her to the corner.

12. After corner time, it is the most IMPORTANT time of any punishment. Tell her she is forgiven, hug and kiss her, hold her until her tears are done. Explain to her just how much you adore her. THEN, make her explain the lesson she learned.

13. Use your hand to spank her most of the time. Use an item only when she's been EXTREMELY naughty.

14. Add other types of punishment to a spanking. After dinner, make her shower and prepare for bed. Spank her thoroughly and then order her to bed for the night. Even if its 7:30. Other things you can do are assigning extra chores; make her come directly home after work and no going out with her friends for a week. Take away her computer. Anything you deem appropriate. It may seem silly, but it establishes where the control is in the relationship.

15. Allow her ONE warning. After that, take action. If you don't she will ALWAYS push your limits.

16. DONT tolerate any of the following :
           • yelling
           • cursing
           • disobeying
           • excessive spending
           • excessive drinking
           • failure to do her housework (but its not all her responsibility, make sure you help out)
           • speeding tickets
           • car accidents
           • inappropriate outfits
           • coming home late without a call

If you follow these ideas, you will have a well-behaved wife/girlfriend, a tighter bond, a better sex life and a happier marriage/relationship.