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:: Orgasm Thru Hand Spanking ::

Orgasm Thru Hand Spanking.
("Provoquer l'orgasme au travers d'une fessée à la main.")
This is a short treatise on orgasm thru hand spanking. The general assumption is that it will be over the knee, bare and M/w, tho light will be shed on other combinations. I do not intend to deal here with add on like nipple pinching, butt plugs and privates palpation, tho I am sure that there are plenty here that are sick enough to take an interest in such things.

I will note that while this activity holds great interest in itself, it is also fine training/conditioning for serious pain play. My background is that of a veteran middle-aged hetmaledom in the Atlanta pansexual leather lifestyle. I spank in part to have lengthy and thorough access to butts. I stroke, squeeze and feel up the area, and good light is desirable. My information is that these procedures can be an enhancement, moderately pursued. My thesis is that the stimulation afforded by spanking is largely physical and mechanical in nature tho fantasy and psychology play a role.

Spanking maybe regarded as a subset of the BDSM hobby. The history of our society and the customs of our kind make us regard spanking as something that a "dominant" does to a "submissive", but I maintain that there is no necessary connection.

As a thought experiment let us transport ourselves to a planet where spanking and backwhipping were not used as punishment and BDSM is not an issue. Light back flogging is refreshing and invigorating and spanking is relaxing, a tension buster.

Massage by a professional can induce some sexual feeling, but we are inclined to make little of it, it is only a massage. Let us go then, you and I, to a club on the planet Spankador, where the masseuse/masseur inhabits the massage room from two till ten, you enter the room and the massager has a leather paddle and a flogger.

Flogging sir, spanking? In the well ordered home there is a flogger in the bathroom that your spouse can use while you brush your teeth, to alert you for the killer traffic. On your return home you may get a spanking to ease the tensions of the day. If the pair of you visit a therapist to complain that you don't "do it" enough these days, the therapist will ask not whether, but how you spank.

Idly, the therapist may mention that these things have become a fetish to some with the publication of the SF series The Earthians by Norwoman. Atlas claimed he could move the earth if he had a place to stand. You will need a place to sit. I recommend a bench, couch or bed rather than a chair, erotic spankings run long. You need a secure and comfortable situation, especially if, like me, your partners tend to be over forty and overweight.

If your spankee cannot breath, an extreme lack of responsiveness may ensue, and if your leg is asleep or your knee killing you, you will not concentrate on the matter at hand. Start light. Time is needed for blood flow and hormonal changes. The bottom half of the butt is the usual target. I recommend a relaxed hand and a wrist that is neither stiff nor flexi. Put some shoulder into it, even if you are smacking lightly, short strokes are best. Don't bring your hand out of the stratosphere, horizontal strokes are indicated. Of two smacks delivering equivalent kinetic energy, the one that judders the buttock more is erotic. Aim in general for rock and roll and quivering jelly. Shake that booty! The type of stroke that stimulates the greatest number is one that lifts and drops the buttock.

This may be too subtle for the spankee or an observer to notice, it may just seem that your hand comes in from low. For the lean, or men, a side to side smack, driving each buttock in its turn into the other may be best. For the fat, one may spank very low and centered, with the area just below the fingers landing on the crack. In general you need to vary your strokes coming in at various angles and with varied intensity.

The butt is often asymmetric, by which I mean the two sides may respond differently to identical strokes. You may experiment and verify this by spanking from above or below, with your fingers pointing to the earth or the sky.

An interesting variant, which I call "bongo drums" is to rapidly slap the cheeks with both hands in such pattern and rhythm as may amuse you. For the recalcitrant, one may cheat a little, grab the buttocks and shake as if they were bags containing pork chops, chicken parts and breading. I call this Shake n Bake (tm).

You need to stay awake while this is going on. Monitor breathing and nonverbal vocalizations (such as shrieks). Keep track of muscle tension, neck, and erectors in the small of the back, toes. Do not tempt fate and spank when spike heels are worn, this is not a video. Lose the shoes. You may position a mirror to keep track of the face (tho that works both ways). If it suits, you may pay attention to what the spankee says, but I must caution you that no legislative body has passed a truth-in-spanking law. Crying will test you; there are many reasons to cry. I cannot give detailed guidance, but it is often best to continue.

When applied by a consummate master of the art (yup, me) these methods may produce orgasm in a woman over 50% of the time on first application. You will not become a master of the art just by reading a how to article that some guy has posted. Practice! Various theories are aired about why spanking is so stimulating. I will throw my own theory at you and see what sticks. In my view the deformation and indirect stimulation that the butt hole receives is a major erotic factor.

The exception is hetero men, who are, of course, not sexually sensitive in that area. Let me end with a note of caution to spankees. Some people who seem to be very dominant turn out to be as kissers. Some even bite. I do. Mastery of this technique may help develop or hone an ability to engage in serious pain play.

The principles of sensitivity, economy and experiment here developed in the low stakes game may help qualify you for a hand in the bigger game if you feel so inclined.