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:: Words From The Wise ::

Words from the Wise.
("La parole du sage.")
A spanking can be intended for either its pleasure or its pain, and how it is given varies accordingly. If an erotic spanking is desired then it should be done gradually, building in severity slowly, giving her flesh the chance to accept more before it is delivered. If the spanking is intended as punishment then her bottom is assaulted more vigorously, the choreography arranged to maximize her pain and humiliation (within limits, of course). The position you have her assume for the spanking influences the effect it will have. If it is for pleasure you want to have her comfortable and relaxed. The less she is bent at the waist, the more her bottom's natural padding is able to absorb the blows. The more she is bent, the tighter her flesh is stretched and the greater the sting from each spank. Bruising to flesh and bone is increased in this position. Binding or holding her in position she may count as a blessing, for it allows her to struggle without the need to fight her instinctive reaction to escape and instead she can concentrate on the sensations she is receiving and transforming into pleasure. Body contact (other than just with your palm) is soothing and reassuring, be it your arm around her waist, your free hand on the small of her back, your lap underneath her, or otherwise. Talk to her, let her know your appreciation and enjoyment, but also allow her to focus on her pain, to 'stay on top of it'. She may drift off in a haze of endorphins, a floating awareness where pain and pleasure become blurred.

If intending it for punishment I will have her bent over more extremely and less comfortably. Sometimes on her hands and knees, holding her head up and facing forward. Other times on her knees with her cheek pressed to the floor, her bottom tight, raised and exquisitely exposed. Or maybe standing bent over and holding her own knees, ankles or a support, I will require her to hold her position herself, reaffirming her submission with each second she chooses not to escape and making her struggle to remain still, which also increases her humiliation and embarrassment. For myself, to savor the act in full, I have her lay herself over my lap, her pale pink flesh like a present just opened, her panties down and her skirt pulled up, her bare bottom perfectly positioned for my hand. When she is over-the-knee (OTK), it is easy to control her with a free arm holding her in place or by simply trapping one of her thighs between your own, and yet she is still free to kick, thrash and squirm in response to the stun of the spanks, which can be a delight for the spanker.

If the spanking is meant for pleasure, then begin slowly and gently, warming her flesh all over her bottom with gentle slaps until it glows a soft, warm pink. You might start through her clothes, then through only her panties, and finally on her bare flesh. Space the blows out, so that she can accommodate and appreciate each one fully before the next arrives. Work in a pattern so that she can anticipate where and when the next spank will land, and thus prepare herself for it. Pause from time to time to caress her bottom or to tease her erotically, caressing her clit or even slipping a finger inside her. Tell her how good she looks and how much you're excited by the sight and feel of her like this. As the pain increases slowly endorphins begin to flood through her, increasing her tolerance. Gradually rain the spanks down harder and faster, watching her responses, listening to her breathing, so as to keep her right on the edge between pleasure and pain, just within her ability to bear one more. Watch as her pink flesh is transformed to a bright scarlet glow. Talk to her, keeping her attention with you, praise her, or just let her drift off in a submissive haze, trusting to your
experience of what she can bear.

For the purpose of punishment the spanking is hard and/or fast from the first, so that the sting from one blow has no time to fade before the next one falls. It is also more likely to leave marks without warming her up first, to remind her later of her transgression and the result. Stagger the blows, so she can't prepare herself for each spank. Concentrate on smaller areas, but switch occasionally as they become numbed. Some areas are naturally more sensitive; the point of her ass where the flesh is pulled tight, the crease where her bottom meets her legs, off to the sides where the padding is less, the inside of her thighs. Have her count out loud, so that she knows how much more she must endure from the start and to increase her humiliation by being made to consort in her own punishment and to prevent her from drifting off.

What you do afterwards can be as important to the overall effect as what you do during the spanking. Hold her and tell her that you love her and value her; she may really need to hear that right about now. Sometimes it's best to just quietly slip away and leave her to herself, allowing her to come back to earth in her own time. You might have her slide to her knees and thank you, or if it was a punishment to apologize for whatever prompted it. You might rub her burning bottom with lotion to cool it, speed its recovery, and minimize bruising, as well as it being a pleasure in itself. You might have her get and bring the cream to you, then assume a convenient position for its application. If it was a punishment you might restrict her from rubbing her bottom to ease the remaining sting or even making her pull on some tight jeans, without panties, or sit bare bottomed on a rough or hard chair. If you desire sex with her afterwards (not uncommon in my experience) you might have her mount you where you sit, or take her from behind in the position she was spanked in, knowing that each time your hips strike her bottom she is reminded. You might have her perform orally on you while she remains kneeling, her bottom uncovered and untended until she satisfies you (a mirror is nice here). You might have her assume a position that displays her red bottom, such as standing or kneeling in a corner and holding her skirt up.


Use your imagination, have fun and play nice !